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Ultradrive Pack 813 Games True Blue Mini USB Stick with 4-Port Hub for Sega Genesis /Mega Drive Mini

Ultradrive Pack 813 Games True Blue Mini USB Stick with 4-Port Hub for Sega Genesis /Mega Drive Mini Item NO.: 2882191

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  • This simple add-on offers a complete collection of all Genesis/Megadrive games to turn your Sega Genesis/Megadrive mini into the ultimate retro gaming console.
  • Over 800 games (813 in total) games from all regions, all style, there is no ending to gameplay. Works exactly like the other pre-included games, except there is so many more.
  • Includes a mini USB hub so you can enjoy all the fantastic 2-player games without losing your second controller compatibility!
  • You can run your mini console as each of the four official regions: USA, Europe, Japan, Asia.
  • NOTE: All of the games are listed in the pictures.

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Product Name Ultradrive Pack 813 Games True Blue Mini USB Stick with 4-Port Hub for Sega Genesis /Mega Drive Mini
Item NO. 2882191
Weight 0.07 kg = 0.1543 lb = 2.4692 oz
Category Electronics > Video Game Accessories
Brand True Blue Mini
Creation Time 2019-11-28

Apologize for the trouble. The true blue mini website is temporarily unavailable for a technical error, here are the drivers as well as guidelines:




1. Key Features:

* Packed with over 800 additional Mega Drive/Genesis games.
* Supports real time saves for all games, just like the original console.
* Includes Hub to allow for multiple players while using device.
* 4-in-1 official consoles.
* Shows 110 games per page and easily swaps between pages via button presses.
* Short descriptions for every game.
* Full colour covers for every game.
* Simple one time install process.

2. Package Content:
1 x USB Stick Ultradrive Pack
1 x USB Hub

1 x USB Data Cable (White or black /the color is random)




  • Only insert or remove True Blue Mini USB device when console is off.
  • If True Blue device is blinking it is loading, please be patient.

Download and run the True Blue Flasher tool:

– TrueBlue Flasher for Windows

– TrueBlue Flasher for MacOS 

Note: Unsigned applications may popup a security warning. To unblock the file go to “Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> General” and enable any blocked app

Then do the following:

  1. Install Driver onto Computer (if not done already)
    This will take around 5 seconds.
  2. Connect Console to Computer using the included USB cable.
  3. Hold RESET button on Console and turn on Power Switch.
    Continue to hold RESET for 10 seconds then let go.
    Console should be detected and ready to access.
    This will enable the Install/Uninstall operations.
  4. Click on Install/Uninstall Hacks to Console.
    This will take up to 2 minutes.
    The Console will turn itself off when done.
    So wait for the red light on the console to turn off.
    Then turn off the Console Power Switch.


How to use True Blue Mini

Perform the One-Time-Install process on each console you want to use True Blue with.
Plug True Blue Mini USB device into the left USB port on the front of the console
Plug the Hub into the right USB port on the front of the console.
Plug the Control Pads into the Hub.

Special buttons for use on the game select menu:

  • Press C to return to root game menu.
  • Hold Left or Up and press C to go to the previous game menu page.
  • Hold Right or Down and press C to go to the next game menu page.
  • Press B to change the theme between Genesis and Mega Drive.

Note: Due to emulation some games may not play correctly.

[Money - back guarantee

1. All items are tested well before the shipment. If the item arrives damage or does not work properly, we would be responsible for that. 

2. For a technical issue of the item, we would try our best to help you fix it, and we would resend a new replacement for free or issue a full refund if that issues can not be fixed.

Any problems, please feel free to contact us! EMAIL: [email protected]



Waiting for my True Blue for my C64 Maxi. When the problems are fixed I'd like to get one for my Sega Megadrive mini. I don't have a separate computer so that stops me being able to use it for the Sega as it's not plug' n' play. If the installation stage could be installed via a mobile phone that would be SO much easier.






Took ten minutes to install on the computer, then plug and play, play your games, save your games and play for hours on end.



Flash drive works great, plenty of games, 813 really, of course, some games are duplicated with the collections included, we figure it to be about 775 different games, all, like they were.



The installation was super easy and the end result yields over 800 Genesis games



Awesome add-on



This device was so close to being perfect if the creators go and fix these issues then it will totally be the 5 stars.



I Purchased this to complement the Sega Genesis mini.The little install process that you have to do took no time at all and you basically have the whole library of Sega Genesis games on the stick.



Fast shipping and great item works like a charm



a must buy for the Sega Genesis mini



I only give this four stars due to it not being plug and play right out of the box. You have to go to the website and figure it out. You must have a laptop or desktop computer to get this going. If not it will not work. I really like this add on but, I don't like having to figure out how to get it working. If you like Sega and you have a mini this is a must.



Still happy I got this thing, but I think True Blue should’ve done more to test the games they knew people were wanting to play and consider putting other titles we would rather have instead of needless collections with games we already have and ridiculously cheap rom hacks and bootlegs.



After seeing the video from madlittlepixel on Youtube, I knew this was a must have. Normally I would customize my mini systems ( and I know this may be a popular or unpopular thing to do; but considering this may be the only retro Sega Genesis release, and not having a surplus of finances to buy every old cartridge it's the best option) but with this device; and for those who are not too savvy in programs such as Hakchi or Project Luna, this is the way to go. A very simple installation procedure and this plug and play drive allows you access to over 800 Genesis, Mega Drive n the Asian + European versions of one of Sega's greatest consoles. So far from what I checked it has all the games in the personal library I wanted back (even if I still own the original cartridges or for the ones I parted with along the years) are functional and this is one thing where maybe buyer awareness and not beware should be noted: it's possible some games out of the 800+ may not work or function properly but there hasn't been any word out on that yet, so so far so good! Such classics like Golden Axe, Altered Beasts, Streets of Rage are now joined buy such games as Chakan, X-men any Spider-Man game is now back in your hands. True Blue is definitely a terrific 'True' option vs the hunt for sometimes overpriced and scalper priced original cartridges.



True Blue Mini Genesis



Bought this for my grandson and husband, hubby loves the retro games.



The best thing ever!!!!



No Tracking numbers no updates
left in the dark here
not good
Service:Hello, for all orders, they have tracking numbers and the customers will need to login their account on our website to see real time shipping information updates.



Mine hasn’t been shipped out yet and I can’t even track where it is. I can’t understand why I keep getting an error message when I put in my tracking number?
Service:Hello, You can track your order now. It ships from a warehouse in the United States. The carrier is UPS, and the tracking number is 1Z118AW00282653337, usually takes 3-9 business days for arrival, will arrive soon. Any problems, please feel free to contact us! ------------------ Best regards, Perennial Abe Email: [email protected] Website: https://www.ploylab.com



It didnt work for me



Christmas gift for my husband.


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