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Crackhead Pack /Meth Pack /Fight Pack True Blue Mini USB Flash for PlayStation Classic (Plug and Play)

Crackhead Pack /Meth Pack /Fight Pack True Blue Mini USB Flash for PlayStation Classic (Plug and Play) Item NO.: 162851 X 3

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Crackhead Pack /Meth Pack /Fight Pack True Blue Mini USB Flash for PlayStation Classic (Plug and Play)
Crackhead Pack Meth Pack Fight Pack
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  • SIMPLY PLUG AND PLAY, no installation or soldering required: True Blue Mini is a simple plug play addon, and all the games are real time saves- the game progress can be saved for better game playing experience.
  • Included mini USB hub allows that you could enjoy all the fantastic 2-player games without losing your second controller! [p.s. Controllers are not included]
  • See the pictures list of games in each option. [NOTE: DO NOT plug all 4 packs in at the same time, it will not work that way since all 4 are trying to boot a loader causing a conflict you can only do one at a time! DO NOT add, remove or transfer the games in order to make them work properly.]
  • If adding new games to your PlayStation Classic is of utmost priority to you, and sailing the high seas isn't a big problem, then it's easy to recommend this piracy stick.
  • (1) All of the games are listed in the pictures. (2) Had better not to use more than 2 controllers for 1 hub.

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Product Name Crackhead Pack /Meth Pack /Fight Pack True Blue Mini USB Flash for PlayStation Classic (Plug and Play)
Item NO. 162851 X 3
Weight 0.08 kg = 0.1764 lb = 2.8219 oz
Category Electronics > Video Game Accessories > PlayStation Accessories
Brand True Blue Mini
Creation Time 2019-07-05


1. First make sure the ps classic mini is unplugged, you have to take power cord out then stick the usb stick in the playstation after doing this plug the power back in wait until the red light comes on then turn on your ps classic if done correctly the game works.

2. If you have more than 1 TrueBlueMini pack and you want to change usb's you need to power off, and unplug the power. From there you can switch out the usb, plug the power back on and turn on system let it load. Have to do this every time you want to switch.

3. Trouble: None of the games will play, it loads up fine but it's like the controller is disconnected as soon as you pick a game.
Troubleshooting: If you initialize the console from the setting menu it fixes.

Why is True Blue Mini USB for PlayStation Classic worth? 
- This is just an easy way without doing any work to get the games and play them. 
- Make the PlayStation Classic playable rather than being stuck with the awful 20 pre-loaded games!
- The quick and easy solution for ps classic owners. Instantly adds over 100 games with a simple usb stick.
- It's a simple configuration and a faster way than utilizing BleemSync at home, this is totally worth it for the non-techie people out there.
- Plug and play. Unplug power, plug this in, plug in power and it is ready to go.
- Save states when you exit a game. Press select, circle, and triangle at the same time to exit a game and will create a save state.
- Nice variety of games, each pack has different games!
- USB HUB increased length of controller so now can reach your gaming chair.
- Bring back a lot good gaming from years that have passed!


[Money - back guarantee

1. All items are tested well before the shipment. If the item arrives damage or does not work properly, we would be responsible for that. 

2. For a technical issue of the item, we would try our best to help you fix it, and we would resend a new replacement for free or issue a full refund if that issues can not be fixed.

Any problems, please feel free to contact us! EMAIL: [email protected]




love this all of the games on it and it works good



worth every penny



great price



Excellent and customer service



Overall happy



X-mas gift for bro



This is the best! I will be buying other product from this brand love how it is easy to use! Plug and play! Just make sure it’s off when loading up blue!



The quick and easy solution for ps classic owners. Instantly adds over 100 games with a simple usb stick.



This works perfectly on my PS1 Classic. Amazing. Sometimes the text is a little weird in games, missing words - and if you play that section again there are different words missing each time. Not a big deal though.



X-mas gift



Great value and easy to use--NO FORMATTING!



Brings back my childhood the price was just right and very easy to use.



Just plugs right in and works. The games play perfect and it's dirt cheap. The memory card and hub are basically worth the cost of the entire thing.



This is an outstanding product that easily deserves 5 stars - I would give it 6 if I could!



Tengo todo en uno eso es bárbaro



A must have for the PlayStation classic



This thing makes the PS Classic everything it should have been. I was initially concerned because there is absolutely no instructions either on the box or in the box. But it's as simple as plug the dongle in to the player 2 USB port, plug in power and HDMI and it just loads all the games into the PS Classic's normal menu.
So far my son and I have played it for over an hour on well over a dozen games and they all work and look great.



This thing is 100% legit



I have almost the exact same setup on my PS Mini, but it took me a lot of work! This is the easiest way to play loved games.



Easy to use


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